The chairperson is in control!

As the chairperson of a newConference meeting you are empowered with the Control Panel. You can see real time who is in you meeting, who is speaking and who has left the conference. In addition you can do the following:

  • Call new participants en place them in your conference call instantly with Dial-Out (only for premium subscribers)
  • Remove participants from the teleconference
  • Mute and unmute all or individual microphone
  • See who has a question
  • Start the recording of a conference call

See the demo of the teleconferencing Control Panel.

Login as a chairperson

During the meeting login as a chairperson to access the Control Panel.

The Control Panel offers many features.

The Control Panel for your participants

Your participants can use the Control Panel to see who is in or out the conference call and to check whether the conference call is recorded.