Global Toll Free Access

Sometimes you want your participants to be able to attend your meeting without any call charges. For this purpose, newConference offers three solutions that work all over the world: Dial-out, Call-me and web-Phone. Global Toll Free Access allows participants anywhere in the world to join your conference call without any costs.


The chairperson calls the participants

With Dial-out the Chairperson calls participants using the newConference control panel. This is convenient for the participants since they don't have to dial in themselves.

Dial-out is also powerful if you want to place ad hoc participants into your conference call.


Participants initiate a call back

In this case the participant (not the chairperson) initiates a call back to him or herself. Simply from a web page or with his or her phone.

General information Global Toll Free Access

  • Available for newConference Anytime accounts.
  • A destination dependent surcharge will be charged to the organiser.
  • Toll Free Access can be mixed with regular Dial-in within one conference call.
  • The chairperson can connect him or herself to the conference call via Toll Free Access as well.


Web-phone is a VoIP solution. No destination dependent charge apply for the use of web-Phone. more about web-Phone