Have yourself called with Call-me

NewConference can call you and your participants for participation to conference calls.

November 9

Let newConference call you

NewConference offers the possibility to participants of a teleconference to have them called by newConference. This is featured with the Call-me service that can simply be initiated via a web browser. The participant enters his/her phone number and the conference code and newConference instantaneously calls that phone number and places the participant in the meeting. Without any operator assistance.

No call charges for participants

There are no call charges for participants at all. Those are charged to the organizer of the teleconference. For that reason the use of Call-me must be authorized in the account of the organizer. This can be done for you by the newConference help desk.

Any time, any place

Of course Call-me can also perfectly be initiated from a mobile phone or a tablet. Initiation can also be done with a phone only (without the availability of an Internet connection).

Let newConference call you with Call-me

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