Dial in or dial out teleconference

What is the difference between a dial in and a dial out teleconference?

June 28

To call or to being called

In teleconferencing, a distinction is made between dial-in and dial-out. What is the difference?

Dial in

At a dial in meeting each participant calls to one of the (local) access numbers of newConference to join the meeting. The initiative for participation lies with the participant.

Dial out

In dial out meetings each participant is called by the conferencing system. Call's can be initiated by the organizer/chairperson or by the participant.

The newConference solution

NewConference participants can both dial in as being called. Dial in and dial out can be mixed in one and the same teleconference. Dialling in can be done through one of our local access numbers. Dial out can be done by means of our Dial-out service or with Call-me. You may also decide to have our operators call your participants personally. This service is called newConference Executive.

NewConference supports dial in and dial out teleconferences

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